Out of Love for Good Recreational Activities 

Love sunbathing and swimming in a swimming pool? Then you couldn't have found a better place on the Internet! Our brand has been created to meet the challenge and leverage recreational activities. Let the wave carry you and let the sun lighten every moment! 

Comfortable, attractive and at a good price 

The three merits have been “road-signs” for our designers in the process of designing and developing our products. At each stage of our work we take every effort to make Aquaware products:  

comfortable – thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and top quality materials you will enjoy every moment of swimming, running or simply relaxing; 

attractive – we follow the latest fashion trends and make our products not only comfortable and attractive but also visually distinctive; 

at a good price – owing to the best material vendors and the latest technologies we offer top quality products at affordable prices. 

Join the smiling Aquawave Team 

We value good leisure activities. We know that getaway near water can be amazing.
Thus, we encourage you to choose among Aquawave products and enjoy your holidays; afterwards you will find yourself in good physical condition to take up challenging tasks each day!